Kawaii rice?

Would you buy rice grown, produced and marketed by these kawaii girls?

Well even if you wouldn`t, there are hundreds of thousands of Japanese people who love this idea.

A young pop-star turned entrepreneur (with her own marketing company named G-rev = gyaru revolution) named Shiho Fujita; famous in Japan for her `Shibuya Girl` appearance, decided to start a rice farm in Ogata (Akita prefecture) and has grabbed a lot of media attention.

Her project is called no-gal / nogyaru (ノギャル), which is a combination of the words `nogyo` (agriculture) and gyaru (girl).

Shiho and her `gyaru` friends appearance has caught the attention of local high school girls.

"This is totally new. Girls like models are farming,"

said Kana Sato, 18, as she watched them work.

Rural areas in Japan have long seen young people fleeing to cities after they reach working age, and the number of young farmers keeps falling with no end in sight. This is one of the reasons some Japanese farmers decided to lease 24 hectares of rice paddies to Shiho Fujita.

The rice that the ノギャル produce is sold under the name `Shibuya rice`, and the packaging features a big picture of Hachiko (a dog famous in the area).

+ quotes and pictures taken from Kyodo news, the nogyaru project website http://shibuyamai.jp/ and the nogyaru Rakuten website http://www.rakuten.co.jp/nogal/


  1. This is really cool. Great to see young people doing something other than shopping for new clothes!!


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