Cambodian waffles

I currently sponsor a child through the World Vision program and get monthly newsletters from the organisation. This month, they included some delicious looking recipes, and I want to share one with you all...

Try it out if you have time (and a waffle iron)!!

Num Poum (Cambodian Waffles)


1 ½ cups of rice flour (sifted)
½ cup of coconut milk
½ cup of brown sugar
2 eggs
½ teaspoon of salt
2 tablespoons of coconut oil


  • Preheat the waffle iron or griddle to a medium-high heat
  • Mix the sifted rice flour, sugar, eggs, coconut milk, coconut oil, and salt
  • Brush the griddle with a little coconut oil and pour batter
  • Cook until browned
  • Serve with other Cambodian favourites such as fried banana, coconut or fresh fruit


  1. Thanks for sharing this! I went to Cambodia last year and these were my favorite street food I ate while I was there...I've been looking for an authentic recipe and yours is spot on! Thanks!


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