So on date night this week we ate soy milk shabu shabu (Tounyu shabu shabu 豆乳 しゃぶしゃぶ) one of my all-time favorite Japanese foods!

Tonkons was one of the first restaurants I found when I was living in Tenroku (Tenjinbashi-suji-6-chome) and fell in love immediately!

They serve a shabu-shabu set which comes with the pork, veges, and an appetiser. When you have finished all the pork and veges, they use the leftover soy milk to make your choice of carbonara or risotto! Sooooo good!

The interior is really cute too...

See all those pig drawings on the wall? Each pig has a different facial expression (angry, sad, confused etc..) and Tonkons claims to use only really happy pigs in their food preparation.


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