Strawberries, sekihan and manjuu oh my!

So yesterday I made apple crumble and took it to Yoshi`s family home to serve for dessert. It was so yummy and tasted great with some french-vanilla icecream!

This morning when I was about to leave his house, his mum gave me a bag with some yummy looking strawberries, some sekihan, and some manjuu.

What is sekihan?

Sekihan (赤飯) is traditional red bean rice. It is sticky rice, steamed with azuki beans which give it its red color.

Red Bean Rice is often served on special occasions throughout the year in Japan, for example, birthdays, weddings and some holidays, such as Shichi-Go-San (a special festival for 7, 5 and 3 year-old children which Yoshi`s youngest niece took part in this weekend!!)

It is believed that Red Bean Rice is used for celebrations because of its red color, symbolic of happiness in Japan.

It can be eaten hot or at room temperature (served in a bento box) and is usually served with gomashio (a mixture of lightly toasted salt and sesame seeds)

And Manjuu?

Manjuu (饅頭) is a veeeery popular japanese confection. There are countless types, colors, shapes and varieties of Manjuu but most have an outside made of flour, rice powder and buckwheat, and an inside full of `an` (red bean paste).

The manjuu that I received today are known as kohaku manjuu (紅白まんじゅう) which come as a pair of red and white bean snacks. They are often presented at important celebrations (like Shichi-Go-San which I mentioned previously).

Lucky me with all of these yummy things to eat!! I guess I should thank Koto-chan who is now 3 years old and going to these Shichi-Go-San events!!


  1. I like the way you spend your time with Yoshi`s family! My bf's family home is too far, so I don't have that close relation :(

    Aren't they waiting for you two getting married :D


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