I watched Ramen Girl

My little sister (in NZ) recommended that I watch `The Ramen Girl` (ラーメン・ガール) . It is a movie made in 2008 and stars Brittany Murphy as an American girl living in Tokyo who decides (after being dumped by her American boyfriend) to work in a very japanesey Ramen restaurant.

It is a cute, sweet and easy to watch movie; and as with most movies these days, gets mixed reviews. Basically every review I read mentions that if Abby (Brittany Murphy`s character) didn`t cry so much, the movie would have been loads better.

There are a few moments where people who live or have lived in Japan may have a little giggle (like when the old ladies say that Abby speaks Japanese `fluently/perfectly`, when she says `do itashimashite` = `you are welcome` after they thank her), and other moments that over simplify or stereotype Japan / japanese culture ... but overall, does a better job than `Lost in Translation` - a similar type of movie that got a lot more (undeserved in my opinion) hype!

oooh, and by the way, the guy who plays Abby`s `Japanese BF` is cute ♥. His name is Sohee Park, he has Korean parents but he was born in Japan (and speaks English/Japanese and Korean well).


  1. i have been so out of touch with the blogging world... i didnt even know you were ENGAGED!! wow congratulations fran!! i am very happy for you
    おめでとう! 笑

    ps sohee park is so pretty. i love him. sigh

  2. Thanks Sarah!! I`m enjoying being engaged so far (but haven`t even thought about wedding stuff yet...) and really appreciate everyone`s congratulations and support :)


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