I know that the news about this creep is everywhere, but this is something I feel really strongly about and want everyone to be really careful.

Linsday Ann Hawker (a British girl working as an English teacher) was murdered here in Japan (in March 2007) and her killer is still on the loose. Lots of people are blaming the police, but I am sure that there is more to the story than has been reported, and it has been so long since anyone has seen him, someone (or many someones) must be helping him to evade arrest.

The latest news is that he has visited a plastic surgeon here in Japan and now looks something like the second photo...

I say he looks something like this because the 2nd picture was taken by a plastic surgeon BEFORE his most recent treatment in Nagoya.

Police have revealed that the doctor at the clinic contacted them after performing a procedure on Ichihashi's nose on October 24 and that officers were prepared to swoop when he returned some days later to have the stitches removed and have further post-operative care.

Ichihashi failed to keep the appointment and remains at large.

The police also believe that he has been hiding out in Osaka - which is where I live aaagh! - and will continue to run and change his appearance without too much trouble because of his family`s money.


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