Bunka no hi

So tomorrow is Bunka no hi (文化の日 = Culture day), and maybe more importantly for some, it is yet another day off in the Japanese work year ~!

Until I started working at the kindergarten, all these national holidays just meant more students coming into the Eikaiwa (English conversation school).
Now, I get lots of random days off!

Culture day (celebrated on November 3rd every year) is a holiday to promote culture, the arts, and academic endeavor. Apparently, typical festivities include award ceremonies for great artists and scholars, art exhibitions and parades!

Every year on this day the Japanese government gives out Bunka Kunsho (the highest rank of Culture Award) to a few people who devoted their lives to promoting Japanese culture or higher achievements in academic fields. Photos featuring the recipients and their spouses taken in the Imperial Palace grounds will be found on the front pages of Japanese newspapers on this day.

Another interesting fact is that Culture day is a popular day for weddings.

* Photos from Samuraidave


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