10 things that make me smile Sunday

10 things...

* my diamond ring!! (yes, it is still making me smile!)
* the 100yen shop... managed to buy 6 metres of tinsel, 6 kids santa hats, and a classroom clock for less than $15!

* being asked if I had eyelash extensions (and I don`t)

* soy milk shabu shabu
* Thursday date nights
* my cute new tee shirt from forever21
* my cute new shoes from forever21 (much more like charcoal grey in real life) * getting excited about going back to NZ for Xmas (less than a month to go, and I`ll be able to wear forementioned tee shirt and shoes)
* my new Ipod touch applications (brain training and solitaire make for quick train journeys)
* leaving work at 5pm and it being almost dark... in a weird way I kind of like winter (so dark and mysterious)

+ 2 more (cos I am super smiley today)

* watching Japanese dads play catch with their sons outside (a rarity indeed)
* only 2 weeks of work left before the Christmas holidays!! yipppppeeeee :)


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