10 things that make me smile Sunday

* Yoshi and my anniversary last week!
* giving Yoshi a PS3 (because he had been saying he wanted one all month) and seeing his happy face
* the FABULOUS italian dinner we had to celebrate 4 years together
* watching 2 of my cute students playing their violins at the concert this morning
* eating cake at school twice last week - love birthdays (my 5-year-old students, not mine)!
* eating lunch and gossiping like old ladies with my best friend T and my friend Mamie
* people-watching from the balcony of a restaurant right next door to a busy wedding chapel on a sunny Saturday afternoon
* my room steamer
* counting down till I go back home for Christmas (only 30 days to go!!)
* practicing with the other teachers for our crazy Winter Celebration performance at school. This is what we are trying (in vain) to reproduce...

oh my god! All we can do is laugh.


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