What is my problem?

So for the last few nights, the locals in my neighborhood have been practicing for the Matsuri (festival) that took place this morning. Each evening at around 10pm they have been parading down the streets banging their taiko (drums) and marching in time to the beat, carrying a big mikoshi (kind of little house on sticks).

I wonder to myself every evening, `What kind of festival is it?`, `Who is involved?`, `What does it all mean?` etc...

This morning, as I was walking home from the supermarket with arms full of groceries, I passed by a group of middle aged men wearing happis (short sleeved Japanese coats and shorts?) and drinking chu-his. One of them shouted `hi` (in English) and said `Matsuri desu yo` (`this is a festival`). I nodded politely and smiled and carried on my way.

As I walked away I started wondering why I hadn`t tried to talk to him. He made the effort to start a conversation with me, a foreigner in his neighborhood, and probably could have answered all the questions I had about the festival.

Why didn`t I talk to him? Am I shy? Do I lack confidence? Am I afraid of strange men drinking low alcohol drinks at 10am in the morning? or... Am I just a snobby bitch?

In any case, I still have lots of questions about the festival, and hope that the next time this kind of opportunity presents itself, I will change my ways and learn something new about this fantastic country and its interesting culture.

I really hope that I didn`t put this guy off talking to foreigners forever... sigh.


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