Typhoon Thursday

So the Typhoon closed my school yesterday and I saw absolutely no reason for it - except for the incredible happiness of all the teachers! The day turned out to be stunning - much better than the weather we had had all week in fact. Blue cloudless sky and a warm breeze... I managed to do so much yesterday.


Woke up at 6am to get the call about the school closure, and then back to bed for an extra 3 hours sleep. Bliss.

Got up, showered and took a walk to the train station.
Rode to Shin-Ishikiri station (somewhere deep in Higashi Osaka) and started the walk to Yoshi`s family home. It isn`t the closest station but it is the cheapest way to get there.

Stopped off at UNIQLO and bought some 3D skinny jeans for only 3,000yen!

Stopped off at Yoshi`s sister`s shop and chatted to her, and browsed the cute knick knacks she had for sale. Eyed some very cute `rain boots` (gumboots) but looked away after seeing the price. I am sure that gumboots cost like $10 in New Zealand. Guess they aren`t really a fashion item there though.

Finished the walk to Yoshi`s home and met his mother outside, who said `nice timing` (in English!) and then proceeded to tell me (in Osaka-ben) that she had just started cooking lunch and would make some for me too. Nice!

I surprised Yoshi (who was still asleep - Thursday is his only day off every week), and we all ate lunch together.
After lunch we eaded off to Shinsaibashi in his Camaro - sunny autumn days are apparently the best time to drive his favorite car.


In Shinsaibashi I started to look for appropriate Halloween costumes. I work at a kindergarten which has an annual all-day-with-the-kids Halloween party. Now I don`t know if any of you have ever tried to buy a Halloween costume in Japan, but `costume` seems to equal `slutty` and everything that covered the boobs, did not cover the bum, and vice versa. I finally settled on this (modelled by the totally clueless Japanese `talento` Suzanne).

After that, we had a coffee at Doutour and then drove to Ikea to have a look around. After an afternoon of crowds in Shinsaibashi, it was nice to stroll around Ikea with much less people. Yoshi bought some mouse pads and a chair for his office, and I bought some German chocolate!


Feeling rather peckish, we drove back to Umeda and decided to eat okonomiyaki. Yummmmmmm.
Fugetsu has the BEST okonomiyaki - and this time I tried the new all vege version. Pretty tasty!

Also stopped off at Yodobashi Camera to buy an umbrella holder for my bicycle. After complaining for months that they are only used by old obaa-chan, Yoshi finally relented and let me buy one - for `safety` reasons. Not the most attractive addition to my bicycle, but at least I`ll be able to ride in a straight line now, instead of trying to steer (and brake) with one hand, and hold my umbrella with the other (very difficult on a narrow footpath, with a crazy obaa-chan coming in the other direction!)

On the way home, Yoshi got a call from his sister (the same one I had visited in the morning), so we stopped off at her house, so that he could check a dent that she had made in the bumper of her car.
Somehow, she convinced Yoshi to fix her bumper AND to buy a pair of cute navy `rain boots` for me! Thanks Rika ♥

What a great end to a wonderful Typhoon Thursday!


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