10 things that make me smile Sunday

* waking up this morning and knowing that I still have 2 full days of weekend left! (it is a 3-day weekend here in Japan)

* yet another sunny blue-sky day

* being able to clean my apartment today from top to bottom without my kitty cats getting in the way (I left them with Yoshi`s mum last night!)

* new `rain boots`

* being able to diagnose and fix a computer error that threatened to cut me off from the outside world by disconnecting the internet every 2 minutes

* new uniqlo jeans (only 3,000yen)
* double cheese bread from Life supermarket (only 180yen)

* the lively, happy atmosphere of the matsuri in my neighborhood

* the smell of the new トップ laundry detergent and its funny slogan `the fragrance of fruit and flowers gives a better, more enjoyable laundering experience`
* hugs


  1. I love these posts. I think I should do the same thing to keep myself up and positive!!!


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