A surprising day off!

I got a call from my boss this morning at 6:38am to tell me that because of this...

School would be cancelled today!

This is typhoon Melor (the 18th of the season) which has played a large part in bucketing my apartment with torrential rain for the last week or so. Weather experts predicted that it would affect the main island of Japan most strongly on Wednesday night, and Thursday morning - and they were right. Last night at around 10pm, the rain got stronger and crazy whistling winds were all I could hear, as people cowered inside their apartments. Some people in Osaka and Nara (Osaka`s neighbor) were even warned to evacuate!

Check out this awesome picture (from CBC news) which shows the waves caused by Melor hit the coast of the town of Tatsugo in Southern Japan. Melor is the first typhoon to make landfall in Japan in almost 2 years.

Bizarrely, a few hours after the call that school would be cancelled, it has stopped raining and I can hear the birds chirping. I wonder what that means?

Well, all seems fine here in Osaka, and I hope in the rest of Japan too. The only remaining question is, `
What shall I do with this extra day off?`


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