My mini shopping spree

The thing is, that I have been trying to save 100,000yen every month since June this year (because I want to study Japanese full-time next year), so I haven`t done any shopping at all. It was a bit depressing not having any money every month ... so today I decided to let myself have a little treat.

I am just so smiley and genki after my little shopping spree today that I want to show you all what I bought.

A camomile candle from LOFT. Only 189yen!

3 mini eyeliners made by `mini Bourjois`. I have no confidence when it comes to buying (or wearing) makeup, so these little ones are good trial sizes!! Only 450yen each.

Body Shop Vitamin E facial mist. The weather is getting dryer here (compared to summer), so it is nice to have something to spritz on my face every now and then ( 1,680yen).

Cute short Zara skirt. It is black and white and has a weird floral/fan/dancing skeleton pattern. Thought it looked very Japanesey and it fits perfectly! (3,690yen)

Hairspray (with a free mini hairspray) - 328yen - and some face-mask-sheets pre soaked with royal jelly essence and hyaluron (?) acid - 399yen.

Cute haramaki with a pocket on the front (only 580yen) from my local supermarket.

I also bought a long blue cardigan which photographed terribly, so didn`t bother uploading that one (3,990yen from Zara), and some black and white striped leggings to wear with my halloween costume (1,050yen). What a great day! I didn`t spend that much and I have so much to show for it :)


  1. My compliments for your blog and pictures included,I encourage you to photoblog,

    Greetings from Italy,


  2. Wow, that skirt is really cute! I like it when you post lots of photos :)


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