Haramaki = warm and happy tummies

Originally worn only by Samurai and old people, Haramakis are making a GLOBAL comeback!

Hara means
middle, and is also used (mostly by men) to mean stomach here in Osaka (as in `hara hetta` = I am hungry). Maki means wrapped up/rolled up (as in `maki sushi` - rolled up sushi).

People wear haramakis to keep their tummies warm, and to improve digestion and circulation.

Some haramakis are just bands worn around the waist, and others are connected to underwear.

I have noticed in the socks/tights/accessories stores that the haramakis are becoming cuter and cuter, adorned with flowers, bright colors, patterns and even characters like Hello Kitty!

Some people outside of Japan are even making and selling haramakis to be worn inside AND outside of clothing!

Check out some of the cute ones that I have seen here in Japan...

I don`t have one yet, but am seriously tempted as my apartment has a wicked draft in the afternoons and evenings... brrrrrrrrr.


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