Free gift with fashion mag ★

So when I was at the supermarket this morning, I decided to spend my 500yen supermarket voucher on a magazine. Magazines are pretty cheap here, and they are HUGE. Most of the magazines have well over 400 pages!

When I went to the magazine section, I noticed that over 80% of the women`s fashion magazines seemed fatter than usual - because they contained free gifts!

The magazine I bought today is called SWEET (a fashion mag for women in their 20`s with a lot of extra cash to splurge on clothes) and it came with this - an Anna Sui passport wallet!

Other free gifts that I saw today included a Marc Jacobs coin purse, a sequinned hair accessory, tote bags, eco shopping bags, a bow-shaped brooch, and more.

The competition for magazine sales must be really hot in Japan. I was certainly confused for a few minutes!


  1. I know! I sometimes feel like paying for the gift, not the magazine. Ha-ha!!!


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