10 things that make me smile Sunday

* Japanese cold medicine (some people say it doesn`t work as well as the stuff back home, but it certainly made me feel better)

* long newsy emails from home

* lying in bed all day yesterday and not feeling guilty about my messy apartment
* Kanata`s (one of Yoshi`s nephews) birthday party - he is now 3 years old!
* the ice-cream cake at Kanata`s birthday party (see above picture)

* playing with the totally awesome Tomica Circuit that Kanata got for his birthday...

* planning the big Halloween party at the kindergarten next Friday
* America`s Next Top Model - so bad but so good

* a huuuuge bag of
みかん (mandarin oranges) from the supermarket for only 298yen - hands down the cheapest fruit in Japan

* blogging from bed - why have I only just discovered this?


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