10 things that make me smile Sunday

Is it already Sunday again?...

* getting a free Anna Sui passport wallet with a 600yen fashion magazine!
* being able to air out my futon/duvet/towels/blankets on my balcony without people thinking that I am weird

* cloudless blue sky

* wearing ugg boots without socks (just feels so good)
* giving birthday presents to 6-year-olds

* preparing for Japanese sports day (undo kai), so over-the-top it is just ridiculously funny

* listening to my upstairs neighbours trying to teach their baby to say `Daddy`

* the smell of Tsubaki shampoo

* telling my bf`s mother that all I ate yesterday was crackers, and her telling me to have as many helpings of nabe and rice that I could eat

* the fact that pay-day is now only 11 days away!


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