10 things that make me smile Monday

So this weekend I worked Saturday and had Monday off instead, so `things that make me smile Sunday` has been temporarily replaced by `things that make me smile Monday`

* the fact that it is now past the middle of October and the outside temperature is still close to 25degrees!
* cute headbands from MixBaby
* haramaki (I bought myself one and adore it already)
* having a Monday off
* being able to go shopping and not battle with the million other weekend shoppers (because it is Monday)
* the fact that I`m going home (for a 2-week holiday) in less than 2 months!
* Beyonce
* Beyonce`s hot male backup dancers ;)
* Japanese persimmon - kaki (柿). Never liked them before I came to Japan, and love them now...
* buying a skirt and a cardigan and leggings and spending less than 10,000yen (gotta love Zara)


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