I love vegi (アイ ラブ ベジ)

I am sitting in my classroom before the kids arrive to terrorise my day, and I have to write a little post about Suntory's new drink - I love vegi.

Some of the vegetable juice drinks in Japan (and there are a LOT), are very rich and a bit too heavy to start the day. This particular drink contains 8 kinds of vegetable juice (carrot, tomato, spinach, cabbage, celery, lettuce, broccoli and something called molokheiya - an egyptian spinach?) and 6 kinds of fruit juice (orange, apple, grape, banana, peach and lemon) and the slogan says that it has a mellow, sweet taste.

This one, I have to say, is very nice! I only bought it because there were about 1000 cartons of it in the convenience store this morning. I suppose Suntory paid extra for more shelf space to advertise their product, but seriously, it took up most of the juice section.

It is a little bit more expensive than the other juices but the carton looks a little bigger. I shall have to compare more closely next time.

As with all new products in Japan, some of the commercials (both print and television) are very odd. This one is no exception. The commercials feature a cute japanese girl who falls in love with a man made entirely from vegetables... weird.


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