Cat pics update

It has been forever since I uploaded some decent pics of my kitty-kats, so here goes;

They are brother and sister, so their markings are very alike - although their coloring is quite different. They are about 13 months old, although we don`t really know the exact date they were born. They have 3 other siblings, who currently live with Yoshi`s mum.

Here is Daisy (the girl)...

And here is Azuki (the big brother)...

They both had so much fun playing on my bed, and the light in my room was great, hence all the pics. Enjoy ♥


  1. oh, i love your kitties, i need a cuddle!!

  2. Thanks! They sure are good for a cuddle, but they definitely have their moments. Azuki-kun has learned how to open sliding doors and now has access to closets and my tatami-floored room!


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