... blond moment

Me: So my new passport should arrive next week, and I can finally book my trip back home!

What about all your visas and re-entry permits and stuff?

Huh? (followed by blank look)

All your visas are in your old passport, right?

Me: Yeah, but I am sure that the lady at the Passport office in New Zealand will just cut them out and stick them into my new passport with some official glue, or tape, right?

Ummmm... (followed by disapproving, `Are you really my girlfriend?` looks)

... anyway, to cut a long story short, they certainly did NOT attach my Japanese visa to my new passport, so I will have to find some time to go to the Osaka Immigration Bureau and have them transfer all the information. I hope there is no time limit on such procedures, because I won`t have a weekday off until the middle of October (some `replacement` holiday because we will hold our kindergarten Sports Day on a Sunday).

p.s. I was also a little disappointed that my new passport was not decorated with a big silver fern... I thought the new passports looked like this now...

Well mine looks like this, but without the leaf, and the map on the back. How boring!


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