Bicycles RULE, oh, and new bicycle rules

As of quite recently, the laws regarding bicycles changed in Japan. There is probably little chance that you will get stopped - especially if you live in a big city like Tokyo or Osaka with millions of other people - but if you tend to stick out (as many blond haired blue eyed foreigners do), please read the following rules, and be careful!

New Rules for Riding Bicycles

1. It’s now illegal to ride bicycles or motor cycles holding a mobile
phone, an umbrella or anything which may block
your view or disturb your attention.
You are subject to pay a fine
up to
50,000 yen.

2. It’s now legal to have 2 children on your bicycle under the
following conditions:

i.the driver must be over 16 years old

ii. both children in the back or front seat seats must be less than 6 years old

iii. the bicycle must pass safety tests, be approved by Bicycle
BAA markAssociation (Japan), Japanese
Industrial Standards Committee
or Consumer Product Safety
Association and have a sticker
from one of the following; BAA, JIS, or SG.


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