10 things that make me smile Sunday

Inspired by some fellow bloggers who post a `Things I love Thursday` and by my little sister who just this morning reminded me that every cloud has a silver lining, I have decided to write a regular post every Sunday, full of things that make me smile.

* waking up next to the boy I love
* clear blue summer sky
* the feeling of the sun warming my skin through my clothes

* cute little Japanese kids waving me to me on the street like I`m some kind of super-gaijin

* cream cheese on crackers

* understanding enough Japanese to renew my video rental card

* finding cute baby clothes and having friends with babies to buy them for

* my kittens` purrs

* receiving a postcard from my dad
in England
* skyping with my little sister in New Zealand

Here`s hoping that this post will help me focus more on the great things in my life rather than complaining about the things that I just can`t change.


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