Osaka Central Library

So I have been living in Higashi Osaka for over a year now, and paying taxes to the local government (no easy feat), and until today I had yet to visit the library and get some of my money`s worth.

Osaka has 2 big libraries, one in Nakanoshima (near Shinsaibashi), and one in Aramoto (just a few kilometres from my apartment!!).

The library in Aramoto is the 中央図書館 Central Library which opened in 1996. Surprisingly, it is home to a lot of English (and Chinese and Korean) books (more fiction than non-fiction), and they are all shelved together which makes things easier to find.

The lady who signed me up for a new library card didn`t speak any English at all, (and looked to be about 100 years old), but she was friendly and spoke Japanese slowly as she explained all the systems to me. Signing up was very easy (just remember to bring your gaijin card if you plan to get a card!).

Today I took 3 books home and plan to finish them all in the next 3 weeks.

I`ll let you know if any of them are any good.

SO HERE IS MY LIST OF BOOKS. Started August 30th 2009.

John Grisham - The last juror
John Grisham - The appeal
Stephanie Meyer - Twilight
Stephanie Meyer - New Moon
Andre Aciman - Call me by your name
Anita Shreve - The weight of water


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