My Obon pt IV


We did nothing again today except going back to Yodobashi camera to return the Ipod accessory we bough yesterday. The sound quality was terrible, so we bought another one made by Buffalo. Much better.

We went back to his family`s house, and took his cute nieces (Kano and Koto) out for dinner at a local chinese restaurant. Very relaxed day!


Woke up late AGAIN! But today I really wanted to get out of the
house and do something fun, so we drove to Kyoto. I had wanted to go to this shrine - Fushimi Inari - for a really long time, and he finally said `yes`!

This shrine may be mor
e well-known in the foreign community than the japanese community here, because I saw so many foreign faces at the shrine - it didn`t feel much like Japan at all!! Fushimi Inari is the head shrine (there are maybe 40,000 sub-shrines) of `Inari` (the god of business), and many businesses have donated torii (red japanese gates) to help their companies prosper.

The icon of most Inari shrines is the fox, so there are lots of fox statues around the shrine (guarding the gates etc...).

The paths around the shrine are lined with these torii ... it is really really beautiful.

We each paid 100yen to get an おみくじ (fortune telling slip) and Yoshi read them aloud. His fortune was dai-kichi (very good luck!). My fortune was dai-dai-kichi (extremely good luck). It was the first time that he and I have ever seen a dai-dai-kichi fortune, so I felt really happy :)

After visiting this shrine, we drove to Uji (a town in Kyoto that is very famous for green tea, and is also home to Biyoudouin - the temple that is featured on the back of the 10yen coin).

I am a huge fan of everything that contains green tea, so while we were there (and after visiting Biyoudouin), I drank green tea, I ate green tea soba (thin noodles), and ate a green tea soft-cream icecream covered in green-tea powder!!!!

We went back to his family`s house for dinner but I was too full of green tea to eat anything!


Today was probably the most fun day of my Obon holiday.
We woke up at 9am and drove to Awaji Island (Awajshima, near Kobe) to meet his brother and sister-in-law and 2 adorable nephews who had been staying there in a hotel.

We had decided to rent a small boat and go out onto the ocean for a while.

It was really fun and we even tried fishing for a little while. It was SO nice to get out and feel the fresh air and smell the salt water. Japan is a small island country much like New Zealand, but in Japan I hardly ever get to see the sea. Today was a real treat!

After the boating adventure, we ate sashimi and other delicious Japanese delicacies for dinner before heading back to Osaka (with about a million other people returning from their Obon holidays).


The last day of my holiday has come.

I am back at my tiny apartment surrounded by piles of dirty clothes that need washing, my broken television which produces only sound :( and no food in the fridge.

I have to admit that it was nice to stay at his family`s house during the holiday... no stress, no cleaning, and my dinner made for me every day! Big thanks to his lovely mummy!!!! ありがとうございます :)


  1. The boy, your bf?! ;)

    I didn't know that you love green tea that much!!!

    Very nice holidays. I think I need to visit my bf's house someday soon. I haven't been there for a long while.

  2. Yeah, the boy is my bf! We have been dating for about 4 years and I visit his family's house almost once a week!

    I am a HUGE fan of green tea, and I drink 1-2 cups of tea every day at home. I don't want to eat it every day, but, I also love green tea ice cream!

  3. Really!? 4 years are long!!! How nice you visit his house once a week! So, you two don't live together?!

  4. We don't live together unfortunately. I want to live with him but he is pretty traditional and wants to wait until we get engaged. I understand his opinion so I am trying to wait patiently.

    It is so hard because lots of young people move in together soon (after only 6 months or 1 year together), and I am a little jealous of them.

    Sometimes I get so lonely living by myself, but I know that after we get married, I will see him every day, so I will wait :)

  5. But I can't really say living together before getting engaged is good for couples... Because my bf proposed me after 6 years... you know... But I learned a lot from living together, so I don't know what is truly good for you two.

    But one thing I can say is, yes! believe him and wait. It is not nice (cute) for girls to manage everything. Some guys want to be managed, but I don't think your bf is ;)


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