My Obon pt II

DAY 2 .. nothing .. bliss .. didn`t even leave the house ;)


The boy and I went to Tokyo this morning by shinkansen (bullet train) to bring one of his customer`s cars back to Osaka for storage. The best thing about this journey was that there was no truck involved!

We left Osaka around 12:20 (because all trains had been delayed due to Typhoon #9 which hit Japan the previous day), and arrived in Tokyo around 3:30pm.

Here is how we travelled back to Osaka...

Pretty cool huh? It is a Cadillac DTS Limousine (almost the same as the one that President Obama has).

Lots of people turned to watch us as we drove past, no doubt imagining some super hot celebrity sitting in the back seat - hehe!

Sounds great, eight? Except the drama started almost the moment we started the engine, and didn`t stop till we arrived back home. About 40 minutes into our journey, we saw a huge sign on the highway announcing that a truck had overturned and the highway had been closed. CLOSED! So we were re-routed through 3 hours of back roads, with all the other traffic on the highway at the time (mostly huge, slow trucks)... grrr :(

After getting back on the highway we were so exhausted and stopped off at a service area near Mount Fuji in Shizuoka. We slept there for a few hours but were rudely awaken at 5:07am by an earthquake! It was pretty big (6.6 on the richter scale) and left me scared and shaken and wide awake.

We decided that it would be a good idea to leave Shizuoka because the typhoon and the earthquake were too much drama for us! It took about 3 more hours to get back to Osaka, but we did make it back in one piece. What an adventure!!


We arrived in Osaka in the morning and after a sleepless night, spent all day in bed! Woke up at 6pm for dinner and then back to sleep at 8pm... what a lazy day!


  1. What a limo adventure! I'm glad to hear that you came back safe. I wish I could take limo in Japan. Sounds cool!!! Real celebrity!!!


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