My Obon part III


We were still pretty tired from our road trip (and the typhoon and the earthquake) so didn`t get out of bed until about 2pm.

Went to Yodobashi camera (a huge electronics store) in Umeda in the afternoon to buy a FM adapter for my Ipod and then went to watch a movie at Namba Parks (a big shopping mall with a garden on it`s roof).

Have you heard about Hachi? It is a very old Japanese story about a cute and loyal dog who waits at the train station for his master to come home from work every day. There is even a statue of this dog at Shibuya station in Tokyo. Absolutely EVERY person in Japan knows about this dog and his amazing story.

It has been remade by a big American movie studio and stars Richard Gere as Hachiko (the dog)`s owner. It is a very moving story and I (and all the other girls in the theatre) cried a lot. I don`t want to tell you too much about the story but it is very cute and I recommend it!

We went to Cocos (a cheap family restaurant) for dinner. The food there is alright but the main reason I love it is that the all-you-can-drink option includes a HUGE variety of teas. I drank 2 pots of rosehip tea and a pot of green tea and yuzu tea! I also had a very yummy dessert - a green tea chiffon cake served with azuki beans and vanilla icecream... so good :)


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