My Obon


Woke up at 6am (guess my body forgot that today is the first day of my 9 day

Wrote emails to friends, checked my facebook page (and played farmville - so addictive).

Got ready and went to Shinsaibashi (about 10 minutes by train from my house) for my very first laser hair removal appointment. The salon name is Musee Platinum and is found all over Japan. Their website is -> and they have some English information here -> (but some of the translations are a bit funny).

I had about 1 hours worth of `counseling` to make sure that I understood their system, prices and to see if my hair was ok for laser treatment. Everything went pretty smoothly, considering that all the information brochures, contracts and guides were written in japanese (and I couldn`t read any of it)!

After I had finished the counseling session and paid for the treatment, I made my first appointment. It seems that laser hair removal is getting pretty popular here in Japan because the first available appointment is for September 22nd!! Guess you will all have to wait a little longer than expected to hear about this adventure.

After that, I went to see my hair stylist to get my highlights touched up. She has recently moved from a big chain hair salon to a tiny little one owned by one of her friends. She speaks English really well and her prices are reasonable, so let me know if you need an English speaking hair stylist in Osaka (in Shinsaibashi to be precise).

At 4pm, I caught up with one of my ex-students from the conversation school. Actually, I only taught her a handful times, but she was one of the very few students who I actually got to know and was interested in talking to. The first time I met her, she was wearing a purple tee-shirt with a butterfly on the front. It was weird because I love the color purple and I love butterflies (and was wearing my cute Anna Sui purple butterfly watch)...

... so we got on well from the very beginning! Today we had coffee and chatted for a few hours - very fun.
We talked about guys in Japan and how meeting boys in bars is sometimes a recipe for disaster. Unfortunately, a lot of the non-japanese guys that frequent these sleazy clubs are not really marriage material, so I warned her as politely as I could to be very very careful.

At around 7.30pm I got back on the train and headed to Tanimachi-4-chome where my best friend T has recently bought a `mansion` (Japanese apartment) with her boyfriend. We walked to a cute little restaurant (with some very cute waiters) near her apartment (called Mouton

and ordered a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon, a lovely salmon and asparagus salad, some deep fried eel and scallop, and a tomato and basil pizza. We sat outside and despite the time of day, were enveloped in 99% humidity and 35degree heat... half a bottle of wine later, we were both rather tipsy. Very nice to catch up with her!

Home at 1am, and slept until now - 11am on Sunday morning. Great start to my Obon vacation!


  1. Japanese are just so innovative... lazer hair removal! i guess it's silky smooth for you now...

    i think you are right to give your Japanese friend that friendly advice about being careful in looking for Mr Right amongst the gaijins in those gaijins hangout...

    she sounds like a nice girl... guide her well... she would need a great gaijin friend to look out for...

    and that Ann Sui purple butterfly watch is real cool!


  2. You had such a productive day! Wow!? September!? That's far!

  3. Such a busy day, but felt like I had achieved a lot! I can`t wait for my first laser appointment - September is too far away though.


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