My early morning visitor...

Small, black and unassuming, until he started buzzing, then flying erratically around the room bumping into everything (including my head)...

It was 4:30am when I discovered him, an average-sized Japanese cockroach, attracted by the small red glowing light on my pedestal fan.

I have to say that I am not really afraid of insects (especially the crawling kind which can be stepped on or picked up in a tissue). But cockroaches in Japan really are in a league of their own...

"Those fellows are the spawns of Satan. Japanese cockroaches aren't just big, they're HUGE--they're sneaky and they are crazy-smart . Japanese cockroaches know how to seek revenge. (The stories I could tell! But I'm not going there today.) Oh, did I also mention the buggers could also FLY? And when provoked even just a little, they will kamikaze your face or your nice fancy hairdo." - taken from an interesting blog about life in Japan.

It kept me awake for about an hour while I tried to corner it and shoo it out the window. I finally succeeded but then spent the next hour (before my alarm went off at 6:30am) worrying that there might have been more where that one came from.

I am making a very important pit-stop at the supermarket on my way home to stock up on cockroach traps... ewww~!


  1. Yikes! I don't think I'd have been sleeping after that either! :/

  2. You shooed it out?! I could never do that!!! I always use an insect killer... I hate to use it, though X(

  3. I wanted to kill it of course, but it wouldn't stay on the ground - it kept flying around crazily - so shooing it out the window really was my only choice :(

  4. Hello Fran-japani, I had a similar giant cockroach emergency last night, but this one decided to waltz across the ceiling in plain view, thankfully when husband was home so I could demand he get rid of it.
    Anyway, one of my Japanese Sempai Shufu friends told me to make sure to cover all the drains at night and when you go out and to block off the holes in your sink with gum tape (you know the ones that get rid of water when you overflow the basin). They aparently gain access to your apartment this way. I have to say I didn't notice any visits whilst I was doing that but have been a bit slack lately until last night. Will be more vigilant now. I just put a small plate over the big hole in the kitchen sink and the bathroom floor, and put the plug in the hole in the bath and the basin. I hope you don't have any more visits!

  5. Hi shufu-in-japan! Thanks for your comment and for your advice. I will try to cover all the drains when I go to sleep (if I can remember)! Good luck with your cockroaches too :)


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