Date night - Thursday August 27th

Yoshi picked me up after work at 6pm and we went out for dinner at a Hawaiian restaurant named Hana-Dining-Pacific in the big Hankyu 32 building in Umeda.

The decor was VERY Hawaiian (well, as I imagine Hawaiian decor to be...) and the staff were very relaxed and friendly.

The view was incredible as we were on the 30th floor overlooking Umeda and the surrounding suburbs.

We shared an entree (smoked salmon and cream cheese pancakes) and a salad (roast beef and potato caesar salad), a big dish of loko-moko and a tuna steak with olive mash... very very tasty!

After dinner (and 2 glasses of red wine for me), we drove towards Shinsaibashi as I (in my semi-intoxicated state) had randomly decided that I wanted to play pool (billiards). On the right hand side of Midosuji (the huge road in Osaka that joins Umeda to Namba) there is a big shrine, and I noticed that they were holding a big bon-odori (bon dance) festival there!

I asked Yoshi if we could go and have a look, and we ended up staying for an hour! - much more fun than playing pool :)

It was amazing. I only had my keitai (cell-phone) camera, so sorry about the picture quality...

Yoshi ate a big lemon kakigori (shaved ice),

...and I just stood there with a big goofy smile on my face watching all the old ladies and men dancing away in perfect unison but looking so free and happy! 楽しかった!

We went to Starbucks after that, and sat outside with our frappucinos in the hot evening weather. Unfortunately, they had sold out of my absolute favorite 'lemon green tea frappucino';

... so I made do with a green tea frappucino ;)

We went back to my place and listened to some new CDs that Yoshi was given by his DJ friend. Very cool! We had managed to do so much in our limited date time and we hadn't thought at all about the stress that we are both under in our boring daily lives!


  1. What a wonderful date!!! How often do you see him?! I envy you!!! I love Hawaiian stuff, you know ;)

    Wow! You play billiards?! I love to go to Karaoke, but same like you. Sometimes even better than going there!!!

    I know! I always don't have my camera with me when I needed, so I use my cell. But really nice you posted it! Thanks ;)

    I just wonder. Do you speak Japanese with him?!

  2. We always have lovely dates because I usually only see him once a week :(

    Sometimes he speaks Japanese to me (Osaka-ben) but I always speak English to him. His English is MUCH better than my Japanese, so I always feel shy speaking Japanese. I know I should practice Japanese more. I think my listening skills have improved a lot. Now I understand lots of bad Japanese words hehe!


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