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Here is part of a very disturbing newspaper article I found today...

'Herbivorous' men changing Japan's consumer society

TOKYO —"Japantoday.com"

Japan’s most newly powerful consumer is likely to be in his 20s to 30s, favors cosmetics and sundries over deluxe cars and enjoys eating sweets with his parents at home rather than treating girlfriends to fancy restaurants.

These men are called ‘‘soshokukei danshi’’ or ‘‘herbivorous men.’’ The phrase is generally applicable to men who are friendly and home-oriented but are not aggressive toward women, love and marriage. Its antonym is ‘‘nikushokukei joshi,’’ or ‘‘carnivorous women,’’ who are in pursuit of an active lifestyle.

Another article states...

Blurring the boundaries

TOKYO —"Japantimes.com"

...Likewise, they tend to have little interest in reproducing, often even being too physically tired to have sex, let alone start a family, according to Ushikubo. The young men's tendency not to have real sex — apparently counterbalanced by their growing reliance on Internet porn sites and "do-it-yourself" gadgets — is a big headache for the nation's condom makers, whose shipments have been falling since 1999, the very year that marks the beginning of the Internet revolution.

Meanwhile, a few other phenomena are underscoring the trend for some men to defy their sexual stereotypes. A 2007 survey by a major toilet-seat maker found that half of Japanese men sit on the toilet to urinate, while bras designed for men have been selling briskly since they hit the market last November.

* apparently, there are women out there who prefer this soft, gentle kind of man. Perhaps he is easy to overpower? swindle money from? perhaps he cooks and cleans? A popular representative of the ‘‘soshokukei danshi’’ sub-species, is this man (Tsuyoshi Kusanagai - a member of Japan's most popular boy band SMAP)...


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