Momo Gari = 桃狩り

Last week, me and the boy went out of the city for the afternoon. We drove for about an hour and a half, and followed the in-car navigation system right into the middle of nowhere...

all in the name of momo gari (or peach picking).

We each paid 1100yen and were able to pick and eat as many peaches as we could. All the trees were bursting with fruit, and it was easy to find peaches that were ready to eat.

My eyes were opened to yet another cultural difference (at least between my hometown in New Zealand and Japanese people in general) as my boyfriend, and all the other peach-pickers around us started peeling their peaches with knives before eating them. As I have done all my life, I washed the peach in water, wiped it on a cloth to remove excess fuzz, and then bit right in!

I guess I was the strange one, as people turned to stare (hehe).

The farm that we went to was called Aguri Park ( and they offer fruit picking most of the year (the fruit differs depending on the month). They also sell ice-cream, have a small petting zoo, and a small lake for boating in summer.

Yummy afternoon out ~ !


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