I went to Korea ~!

It was my second trip to Korea, and my second trip to Seoul, so I didn`t spend my time doing touristy things really. I visited a friend (who I met and worked with in Japan and who now lives in Korea with her husband and her new puppy Garro!)

This time, I left Japan on Saturday around lunchtime...

Arrived in Seoul at about 3... and then got to my hotel at around 6pm...

The Eastgate Tower Hotel was only completed a few months ago. It is so new that even the taxi driver didn`t know it existed, and we spent 30 minutes driving around aimlessly looking for it (grrrr!). It is gorgeous, spacious and in a really good location - built right on top of a shopping mall in downtown Seoul.

by day ~
by night ~

e visited a really cool gay bar called Queen (Itaewon, Seoul) because my friend knows the owner (and most of the customers!) and drank and danced the night away.

And of course, we spent the rest of the weekend eat eat eating...

* korean bbq (yakiniku)

* korean rice porridge

* korean noodles and salads

* korean pancake (chijimi)

What a great weekend!


  1. i LOVE SEOUL! been there twice this year - isnt the food amazing?

    have you ever been to Busan? its worth a visit

  2. Oh, you've been to Korea during the weekend? One night?!
    How was the ticket price?

    I have some friends there, too, so I hope I can visit Korea someday soon.

  3. Thanks for the comments - Seoul was awesome, people were mostly friendly and lots of them could speak English!

    I stayed 2 nights, and the flights were about 30,000yen with asiania airlines. The hotel was cheap too, about 6,000yen per night (booked on asiarooms.com).

    I am already looking forward to going back some day soon. Fantastic place!

  4. Wow! That hotel is amazing! Sounds like a great trip. =)


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