Happy Tanabata 7/7/2009

Happy Tanabata (star festival)

Today is the 7th of July so Japanese people are celebrating the Tanabata festival (see explanation in the previous blog)...

I found the cutest sneakers online today that were made by Adidas to celebrate Tanabata.

"In 2008 Adidas released a special Top Ten Hi in recognition of the Japanese festival called Tanabata. It features two different comics of Mikeran and Tanabata on the right and left tongue and an all-over print that is similar to the tradition of writing wishes on small pieces of colored paper."


  1. They were released last July (2008) so I can't find them (to buy) anywhere... I'll add them to my wish list :(

  2. ooooh, I found them! I am waiting to hear if they are stocked in my size... fun fun fun :)

  3. Yay!!! I got the shoes and they arrived this morning. Thanks Hisae xx


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