Does it ever make you nervous to think that bad things might be getting better?

For the past 6 months or so, I've only been able to see the boy about once a week (and that's only Thursday evenings). This week I saw him 3 times!
I don't want to get excited and say that things will continue be like this, but it does encourage me.

I realised something important recently. Waiting and being patient are two very different things. The boy keeps telling me that he can't move forward in our relationship (moving in together for example) because he's too busy, and because of money things. "Please just wait Fran" he keeps saying and I've been getting more and more frustrated because I am so bad at just doing nothing.

I hate waiting.
I am
never late, and I am very organised... waiting doesn't suit me.

So I decided that if I want to spend more time with him, then I have to make more of an effort. So on Saturday, I'm going to bake something delicious and take it to his family's house, and have dinner with him and his family. It's not ideal, and it's not alone time... but it is certainly better than nothing... and definitely better than waiting~!


  1. You couldn't be more right. You don't become patient by being made to wait for what you want, only frustrated. I can certainly relate...


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