Date night

So because of a serious lack of time, and conflicting schedules, I can only see the boy on Thursday nights. It sucks, and it is like being in a long distance relationship (despite the fact that we live only 15 minutes apart).

So last night (Thursday night) we had as much fun as we could in a very small time.

First of all, we visited his sister's new shop. She has started selling imported stationery, bric-a-brac, accessoriries etc, and it is very cute! I'll post some pics and a link when I can.

Then we ate. As you may know, eating is my absolute favorite part of any date, and in Japan, I can honestly say that I've never been disappointed with a restaurant. Last night was no exception...

We went to a shabu shabu restaurant named Kin No Buta (Gold Pig;, and chose a tabe-houdai (all-you-can-eat) course for less than 3000yen. It included veges, salad, tofu, pork and dessert.

One interesting thing about this shabu shabu restaurant was the sauce and stock. Usually, the meat (pork or beef) is boiled in dashi (a broth made with konbu/kelp) but at this restaurant, you can choose 2 of your favorite broths/sauces. We chose soy milk and another one made with black pepper and wakame seaweed.

So fantastically delicious! Because it was a tabe-houdai course, we decided not to eat rice, so we could stuff ourselves with as much meat and as many veges as we could! ooooishi!

After dinner we headed off into the mountains for a seasonal Japanese outing. As I have mentioned before, Japanese people love things which seem to come and go quickly (fashion trends, cherry blossoms, tarento) and in summer, it is the fireflies!

Watching them fly around, glowing and showing off - trying to find mates, and being outside surrounded by trees and water (fireflies tend to live near clean, flowing rivers) was a very nice and serene way to finish the night.

And now it is Friday! One more day till the weekend ~ !!


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