Swine flu

Swine flu has hit Japan...

...wow! there are now over
210 confirmed cases of the new influenza in Japan, and everyone is in a panic. Over 4,400 schools in Osaka and Kobe (not including mine unfortunately) have closed and people are being told to stay at home. If people do decide to venture outside, most wear masks, and less and less people are taking the train every morning (I am NOT complaining about that!).

Experts warned that infections had probably already spread to other regions including the capital Tokyo, which with almost
36 million people is the world’s most populous urban area and the heart of the Japanese economy.

Masks and other swine flu accessories (sprays, suits, etc...) have sold out in almost all stores, and the manufacturers of such items are reporting a huge increase in sales.

The authorities are warning people not to panic, but it seems like their words are falling on deaf ears. It certainly is a strange sight...


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