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I went to Tokyo Tower

Finally, in my 6th year in Japan, I went to Tokyo Tower (東京タワー).

It is NOT the most beautiful tower in Japan.. and unlike the Eiffel tower, is located right in the middle of a city block.

140 drumsPaint used for the Tower was 28,000 liters, equal to 140 drums. The Tower is painted orange and white according to the Civil Aeronautic Law.

It is NOT the tallest tower in Japan.. but it is the tallest `self supporting steel tower`.

333mHeight of the Tower. Since its opening in 1958, the Tokyo Tower has been the world's tallest self-supporting steel tower. The Eiffel Tower in Paris is 320 m high.

4,000tThe Tokyo Tower weighs about 4,000 tons. It is much lighter than the Eiffel Tower, which weighs 7,000 tons, a result of remarkable advances in steel manufacturing and construction technology.

It is NOT the most original tower in the world.. (in fact it looks like an orange version of Paris` Eiffel Tower)..

176 lightsOne hundred and seventy-six floodlights installed in various parts light up the T…