Thought for tonight

Have to write this quick note because suddenly I feel super lucky to be alive.

Last weekend when the boy and I were driving on the highway (a regular 2-lanes on each side highway), we got a call from his big brother who was driving a few minutes ahead of us (because we were coming home from the same place) and he shouted for us to move over to the left hand lane because there was some mad-man driving the wrong way down the highway.

A split second later we saw the headlights coming towards us and swerved out of the way.

It was terrifying at the time, but we composed ourselves, called the police and continued on our way.

I just got a call from him before I wrote this post, because he heard on the news that a few minutes after our highway encounter, that guy hit a car coming in the other direction and caused a fatal accident ...


a few seconds really can change your life.

Big hugs and love to all xoxo



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