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New Zealand Post recently released the cutest stamps (an A-Z of all things NZ). Not only do they reflect things loved by all New Zealanders (young and old), but they are really well designed...

Of course there are 26 stamps, one for each letter of the alphabet, and each showing something uniquely New Zealand. Where else would an ‘L’ stand for ‘log o wood’ – referring of course to the hotly contested provincial rugby Ranfurly Shield; or ‘G’ for ‘goodnight kiwi’ the lovable little chap who’s bedtime ritual used to signal the night’s end to TV viewing.

Some of my faves are below...

D is for Dog – there could be no other dog on a New Zealand ‘D is for Dog’ stamp than Wal’s faithful friend from the Footrot Flats cartoon strip. Footrot Flats, showcasing elements and antics of our rural community, still graces some of our newspapers today. And, we still don’t know the dog’s name…

S is for Southern Cross – another New Zealand icon in its own right, yet the stamp takes this a step further by showing how it is possible to identify due south by looking at the star constellation.

W is for Weta – and if you look closely it’s not a real weta on the stamp! W is for Weta celebrates not only one of our indigenous and adorable (it’s not all about looks) insects but also the hugely successful Weta Workshops that created many of the special effects for Peter Jackson’s famous Lord of the Rings trilogy, as well as the weta on this stamp.


  1. We have something similar back here in the states but not for stamps. It's called sesame street ;)

    Kidding aside, my daughter would love these and my wife used to collect stamps and insects when she was younger. I make her leave the insect collection at her parents house though. I don't like insects.


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