My new はんこ

Recently, one of my favorite students gave me a wonderful present. It was one of the most thoughtful presents I have ever received.

During one of our past lessons we discussed Japanese kanji (the chinese characters which make up a part of the Japanese writing system). Kanji are incredibly difficult to learn but they are very intricate and complex which makes them very interesting - I think!

Because my name is relatively short, and has only 2 syllables (when spoken in Japanese), it is normally written in simple Japanese characters.

Fran -> Fu-ra-n (English -> Romanji) =
フラン (Katakana) = ふらん (Hiragana)

The 2 sounds `fu` and `ran` can
also be written as kanji...

= fu
= ran

...and the meaning of each kanji is very beautiful. The first character (fu) represents wind and the second character (ran) represents an orchid.

My lovely student had a special はんこ (name stamp) made for me with the kanji characters (and cute sakura - cherry blossoms) on it.

Not only is it very cute, it is very useful, as I need a stamp to open bank accounts and legally sign documents etc.

Thanks so much for the sweet gift Eーちゃん 


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