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INDIA - no I`ve never been, but someday I want to, and looking at these beautiful pictures makes me want to go even more...

Holi Festival -

Anything goes in India this week as people welcome Spring with a week-long festival of colors. The festival, much like Mardi Gras, is a celebration of mischief and merrymaking, but the holiday honors Hindi mythology instead of commencing Christian Lent.

Wednesday 11th March was Holi, the main day determined by the full moon, and people celebrated by throwing colorful powder and water at each other.


  1. the kid in second photo is like the charcter in slumdog millionaire! haha..

  2. I thought you were in Japan, why the post on India? Did you go there for the holiday or something? How did you get the pictures?

  3. Yeah, I am in Japan, but I love these pictures and just wanted to share them on this grey dreary day (here in Osaka).

  4. I've always wanted to go that festival...I went to India for four months but in the fall...I definitely want to go back for it in the Spring. You should go to India. It as one of my favorite places!


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