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So, I went to see Will Smith`s new movie last night... and cried... and cried...

It was a cool movie, very sentimental - Will Smith plays the role of a man who falls in love while trying to kill himself.

Mr Smith was hot, of course, and Rosario Dawson was also gorgeous (even without any hair and makeup styling).

Can`t say too much because according to a lot of reviews and press releases the ending is very mysterious (was I the only one who figured it out in the first couple of minutes?) and I don`t want to ruin the `surprise` for anyone else. Enjoy!


  1. This came out awhile ago here in the states. I came up with my own idea of what the story is about but I've never actually found out. what was it like going to a theater in Japan? I'm very curious of the Japanese culture.

  2. Going to the movies here is very similar to back home (NZ) except way more expensive. Thankfully, I went on `ladies day` which means all tickets are 1000yen instead of 1800yen. Japanese movie-goers are very quiet - which is good, except when something funny happens and I am the only one laughing out loud!
    Most movies are shown in English with Japanese subtitles. I am not sure how well some cultural nuances and jokes translate into Japanese, so I always wonder if the meaning of a movie comes across in the same way.

  3. I wouldn't know how movies are in NZ either :) Here in the United States, I go to a theater, purchase a ticket for $6.50, find the specific theater the movie is in (Most theaters have about 10 or more movies playing at once) find a seat somewhere in the middle. Everything here is stadium seating now, so no one blocks your view of the screen.

    I often find myself the only one laughing or cheering in a movie. I've been going to movies by myself the last few years so I guess I've developed a severe lack of shame when it comes to movie watching.

    Do they have concessions? Popcorn, Drinks, or Candy?

  4. Yeah it sounds about the same. There are usually 8-10 movies on at the same time, and you find the appropriate theatre (numbered on your ticket). When you buy your ticket you are shown a seating chart of the theatre and have to choose a vacant seat then. Most of the new movies are pretty packed - as is everything here, so it pays to get there a bit earlier (or at least buy your ticket early) to get your favorite seat.
    The seats are pretty comfy, high backed, stadium style with an arm rest and a cup holder.
    Most people buy popcorn and soft drinks, and there are other snacks too (french fries, chicken nuggets, churritos). Not much candy though (thats one big difference between here and NZ - we have a whole candy store next to the cashiers desk).

  5. what's a churrito?.... bet it's not as delicious as a giant bag of maltesers :)


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