Sweet friends

One of my super lovely students wrote a letter to me on her blog yesterday (to say thanks and goodbye). She has been a great student of mine for a loooong time and we have gotten to know each other really well. She knows lots of my deep dark secrets, so I can`t say too much about her ;)

She started writing a blog in Japanese and English (very cool) and here is the link to her letter...

http://hazuki29.blogspot.com/2009/02/departure.html (the English part is halfway down the page)

Thanks my sunshine friend!


  1. This is very sweet fran - sounds like you really touched her heart :) of course x

  2. Hi!fran-japani!!Thank you soooooooo much that you wrote about me on your blog!For me, it is very very amazing thing to meet you!!!!!
    Please keep in touch(^^!;from Hazuki


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