Eric Clapton

So last night, I went to Eric Clapton`s concert at Osaka Castle Hall. It was his first concert in Japan for the 2009 tour.

Unfortunately, cameras were not allowed in the arena, so I couldn`t get any pictures, but it was pretty cool nonetheless!

Of course we were hoping to hear some of the classics like `Tears in Heaven` and `Change the world` and were a but disappointed that they weren`t included. But I was very happy to hear `You look wonderful tonight` and `Layla` ~ !!

The arena was PACKED with fans (most of whom looked to be as old as Eric, so there wasn`t too much jumping around) and in typical Japanese concert fashion, there was lots of very rhythmical clapping and arm waving in time with the music!


  1. I am almost as jealous about you seeing him play live as I was about your experiences with the McLaren Mercedes ... lucky girl!! I did manage to get to the Top Gear Live show though - your sister's shout. It was very clever, funny and a good night out!


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