What is a chanchanko (ちゃんちゃんこ)?

My chanchanko (ちゃんちゃんこ)is the answer to all my winter prayers!! Basically it is a big coat filled with cotton wool or feathers designed to be worn indoors. They are very warm, but are quite possibly the most unflattering piece of clothing ever invented, and that is probably one of the reasons why they are mostly worn by the elderly and the very very young.

I have decided to promote the ちゃんちゃんこ because they are a great way to stay warm and be comfortable, save on electricity and heating costs and be environmentally friendly all winter long! For less than $20!!

* not surprisingly they are made for cats and dogs too!

Despite the shocked reactions of all my students when I tell them that I bought one of these (sounding something like `Oh, yeah, I had one of those when I was a kid` or `Oh, yeah, my grandmother wears one of those` or `Really, hehehehehehe, you are so japanese!`), I continue to wear mine every morning (indoors only!) and my cats love it too...

* it is Daisy and Azuki sleeping in my chanchanko - かわいい!


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