Seasonal products in Japan

Check out this bizarre new drink in Japan. Pepsi White is Pepsi and Yogurt flavored!

The high competition for limited shelf space at convenience stores in Japan means that food and beverage manufacturers must produce an ever-changing repertoire of new products to secure retail real estate. In their book Can Japan Compete?, Michael E. Porter, Hirotaka Takeuchi, and Mariko Sakakibara explain:

One of the drivers of…meaningless product proliferation is Japan’s peculiar distribution channels, which expect each company to introduce a fresh lineup of products almost every month to maintain its shelf space allocation.

The warm reception the Japanese gave products like Pepsi Ice Cucumber is just one manifestation of a national obsession with the ephemeral. Millions turn out every spring to view delicate cherry blossoms that open and then fall to the ground in just a week. And a word that sends consumers flocking to stores is gentei, Japanese for "limited edition."

Other cool and crazy flavored snacks are Kit Kats...

1. Rich strawberry Kit Kat

2. Muscat of Alexandria Kit Kat

3. Sesame sweet potato Kit Kat


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