Hi all, apologies in advance because this post is probably only of interest to my lovely Dad. Enjoy this one Dad, and for everyone else, hope there is something more interesting coming soon :)
So yesterday I got my first (and probably last) ride in one of the world`s fastest and most expensive cars, the SLR Mclaren (by Mercedes).
Check out the cool interior. The standard SLR comes with black leather, but this red was an added option! So sexy! The name of this color scheme is `silver arrow` (named after the championship winning Formula 1 car).
Yoshi is re-registering the car for his uncle, so has possession of it for the next few weeks. This particular car has only done 2000kms, and I am not surprised. Usually a super calm, confident driver, Yoshi was sweating and driving much slower than usual!
The cost of this car is similar to buying a whole house (this one cost over 50,000,000JPY - over 1millionNZ$), and if he was to have an accident, paying for parts alone would probably bankrupt him.
The whole ride from my house to his, is less than 10km, but was one of the most exciting driving experiences I have ever had (not that I was even driving...). On the city streets, it sure grabbed everyone`s attention, and upon reaching the highway, we left all others in our dust - it was simply incredible. It felt like we went from 0-120 in about 2 seconds (after checking the specs of the car, found out it was closer to 3.8 seconds, but amazing enough), and the needle on the speedometer wasn`t even at the halfway mark - the top speed is 340km/h (almost as fast as Japan`s bullet train!!)
I sure won`t forget this experience for a long time. But honestly, I am satisfied. Owning a car like this is not something I aspire to. It is totally, stunningly gorgeous (even looking at a Porsche after this wasn`t the same), but ever so slightly impractical. The fear of scratching the car`s body and interior meant that it was difficult to relax, and unless one has regular access to a high speed motorway, there would never really be much chance to have all the fun that this car was designed for.


  1. .... and now your Dad is very envious - thank you for that. Loved it!


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