January`s nails

So I have been getting gel nails for 3 months now and just adore them. The color and shine lasts for about a month and the hard coating protects the nails from chipping and breaking! It is so perfect for me because I can never be bothered filing or painting my own nails.
T and I go to a cute nail salon near the centre of Umeda and it takes about 1-2 hours each time (to remove the previous ones and apply the new ones). Cool huh?

I always opt for something relatively simple (see the picture above), but I have seen some crazy nails during my time in Japan. Many girls here love to adorn their nails with gemstones, rings, ceramic characters and much more. I`ll put some pics below...

Hello Kitty nails

Japanese nail art overkill;



  1. hello franny pretty nails :)

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